Central security desk

My bachelor thesis.

This project is my bachelor thesis. The goal was to create a centralized security desk. It is a software through which various events and statuses sent from electrical alarm systems are received. Users have the ability to process events as well as add servers, objects, end devices, groups, and zones. They also have the ability to add and edit individual users, including their privileges. The project has been divided into three parts:

1. Server Application

The aim of the server application is to provide communication with electrical alarm systems using the SIA protocol. The received events are then sent to the API application. The programming language used is C++.

2. API Application

The API application provides all information about the current status and settings of the central security desk. It takes care of authentication and authorization so that only authorized persons have access to the data. It is also used to log new events and settings. It uses WebSockets for immediate notification of a new event. It is programmed in C++ and is connected to a PostgreSQL database.

3. User Application

This application is used to operate the centralized security desk. It is connected to an API application with which it communicates and it is immediately informed of new events. It was developed in React, where I used components from the Material UI.

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