About me

I am a PhD student of computer science at a Slovak university. In about 2012 I became fascinated with the world of IT. It started with creating simple websites using the WordPress content management system. Later I plunged into the secrets of programming in C and C++ as a self-taught. Once I mastered the basics, I started getting familiar with the Arduino platform and alongside that, I had fun with the Qt framework and the related QML language.

My final thesis at high school was creating and controlling a smart home. The controller and control modules were built on the Arduino platform. In programming the control and control applications I used all the technologies mentioned above – C, C++, Qt, and QML.

Then I closely specialized in developing websites in different CMS systems such as WordPress, and BoltCMS. Developing web applications in frameworks such as Symfony or Larevel but also built these apps from scratch. Recently, I like to build a backend in Node.js and frontend in React.

I also dig into the development of mobile applications. I made up some applications for Android in Android Studio, but for now, I prefer React Native. I have also skills in game dev in Unity.

Recently, I have also started working with IoT (Internet of Things). So when I decided to study PhD, I chose the dissertation topic “Localization using IoT”. I especially focus on IEEE 802.11 technology. I am the creator of the FeitCSI tool for extracting CSI (Channel State Information) from commodity hardware.

I am constantly trying to move forward. I continue to educate myself and learn about new IT-related technologies that are gaining importance in the world today.