In this section, I would like to present some of my projects. Some of them include source codes. The codes do not reflect my current programming skills but represent my gradual development in terms of code processing. However, there is still space for improvement. I’m trying to create clearer and, most importantly, more optimized code.


Semester work from computer science created in one day.

“Smart house”

My final thesis at high school was to design and control a “smart house”. The control was possible remotely on a local network through an application programmed in the Qt framework.


A “game” for children who are learning the alphabet. They can make up any words or whole sentences.

Tic Tac Toe

Piškvorky pozná snáď každý. Hra pre dvoch hráčov. Jeden dáva krúžky a druhý štvorčeky (trošku neobvyklé). Hrá sa na hracom poli 3×3.


A game in which you have to catch as many beers as possible!